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4 Dec


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“Usually the murmurs that rises up from Paris (Nairobi) by day is the city talking; in the night it is the city breathing…”

Victor Hugo.

In his book the Hunchback of Notre Dame Victor Hugo talks about the city of Paris, with its absolutely enviable night life; this it turns out is reflective of Nairobi a city with just as much natural poetry and beauty. This beauty is never more apparent than at night when a different, brave face of Nairobi shows to the party. The Nairobi night life is lively and involving. It is made up of all sorts of activities. From outrageous parties that are in celebration of life itself to the stockpile of concerts that offer they city’s variety of stories. Then there’s the little pockets of surprise that shock the body but warm the heart in the most jarring of ways. Smack in the middle of the city, next to a strip of clubs there’s a group of street children that use the blazing club music to deliver a dancing performance with passion and precision unparalleled. That is the Parisian allure of the Nairobi night life, it draws you in with normalcy and innocence then it throws your way curve balls that rather than repel, attract.

The night life has districts, divisions of some sort. From the flashy, leafy strip in Westlands, that announces its affluence from rooftops; quickly shutting out a majority of happy go lucky revellers to small obscure pubs in the area. Then there’s the central business district made by the commoner for the commoner. Spots in the C.B.D worship upon the throne of minimalism. They believe in the people as the life of the party, less materiel more soul. That the fun is the quality of the individuals. This gives a different experience of night life that has its fair share of loud conversations and even louder fights. The spine of this night life isn’t the clubs or the people so much as it is the spirit of the city. The air ripe with anticipation and indifference, in the final analysis, Nairobi remains Queen over her own night life ruling it all too beautifully. 1`

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