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4 Dec


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A constellation is described as a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is named after its apparent form. That is exactly what Nairobi is, a group of dreamers and doers, stars in their own fashion; men willing to conjure the future in their imagination and actualise it in their action That is the silent beauty of the city of cool waters; it’s people. Beaming with dreams bigger than circumstance and an unbreakable spirit, it is only Nairobi’s people that can reflect what the city really is. From open air markets that sell culture at a fee to street singers that serenade any ready listener, Nairobi is bursting at the banks with life. If you make your way round the central business district there’s a poetic political image that is painted daily by a few men right out side the country’s parliament. They are the people’s parliament, men who debate the country’s hottest issues out of mere honor, ready to defend the sovereignty of the country.

Politics is Nairobi’s popular hobby, but it is art that keeps the beautiful city going. Nairobi lives and dies at the hands of its artists. From a robust theatre scene that is home to as much talent as history to all the comedy clubs that litter the belly of the city. The art culture of Kenya has found a willing home in Nairobi. Moving with the wind, Nairobi sings an eternal tune through its children. With scores of globally acclaimed artists, Nairobi whispers sweet melodies to the city that never sleeps. Even the street preachers are in their own way performers, commanding audiences, with a gospel that preaches tranquil salvation and fire and brimstone in the same breath. It is that contradiction that clothes the city. With sky crappers dotting an ever expanding skyline but never at any time interfering with the national park. It is the city of pavements and parks, boardrooms and beauty. This balance is Nairobi. That in the sky that is this city, so many stars exist independently and at any time when they do collide it is to create immense beauty and another star, that is story of this city of stars, the Nairobi constellation.

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